Brenda Walker, Founder @WalkerEDquityGroup

I couldn't be happier with my purchase of the LIT Christian card game.  I'm reading a card a day to ground me before I start my day, and I can't wait to play with family and friends.

Congratulations Denese! This card game is a winner!


Nicola J. James

I have had the pleasure of knowing Denese for over five years. I normally shy away from people interested in getting to know me because I have had unhealthy relationships.  I thought this was another woman who wanted to be nosey, but her intent was the opposite of my shallow thinking. Denese has been an instrument of positivity, peace, and love. Her expertise in mentoring, motivation, and life experiences has enhanced my life exponentially. I am thankful for her pursuit to extract the greatness within me.  

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Desiree Walters

Denese Dore is a phenomenal person.  I meet Ms. Dore through employment. She was my supervisor for about four years, and she is one of the best supervisors, if not the BEST supervisor I've ever worked with. She has all the qualities and is a true example of what it takes to be a great supervisor.  Denese was very knowledgeable of her job and made sure that she stayed on everything. She also made sure that her staff did the same. She communicated with her employees well and always wanted the best for us both career-wise and personally. She was always willing to fill in the gap and wasn't afraid to get down and dirty if needed to help out with the workload.   Ms. Dore is a praying and God-fearing woman, and it shows throughout her life. She's a great listener, gives great advice, and keeps it real. 


Althiea Richards

I met Denese in early 2006, at our job.  Initially,
everything was purely work-related, and even then, Denese proved to be someone who
Is reliable, caring, focused, and someone of very high caliber. Over the ensuring
Month, then years, Denese has proven to be far more than just a work colleague. She
is my prayer warrior, my confidant, my friend, and now my sister that I would never part
Ways with. God has shown me that we ought to always trust in Him as He places people
in our lives for a reason, sometimes for a season, but thankfully I have been blessed to
Have Denese as a sister for a lifetime.
When I was first diagnosed with Colon Cancer, as fear gripped my family and me, Denese
It proved to be a tower of strength for my husband and me. She provided comforting
words, prayers, and always told me that “You will not die from this.” I am now in
Remission and her constant love and prayers have been my rock.
It has now been approximately fourteen, and as a
woman, a mother, and a wife- I am stronger because of her


K. D.

I loved the questions. They made me think and the combo of Bible verses. In my opinion, it’s a great game for friends, partners, families, and someone you are thinking of dating. And I love the colors.

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