Uncompromising Love

God has given me the great pleasure to watch someone very close to me turn to Him for guidance and direction in their lives. I have sat by in amazement, watching this person seek God and try to make sense of it all. In the book of Isaiah chapter 8:20, NLT states, "Look to God’s instructions and teachings! People who contradict His word are completely in the dark." I strongly believe that when God allows us to see something in someone else’s life, He allows it for a reason. I have often said and will continue to say that our God, the living God, is a planner; therefore, there are no accidents with Him. Watching this person has challenged me to delve into the word of God even more. I have been challenged to examine my faith walk with Christ and my connections. At times we may be tempted to turn to other sources, especially when life seems uncertain, but only the real source, the one true living God, can provide comfort and guidance. In the same chapter of Isaiah, it states in verse 19, “Someone may say to you, Let’s ask the mediums and those who consult the spirits of the dead. With their whisperings and mutterings, they will tell us what to do. But shouldn’t people ask God for guidance? Should the living seek guidance from the dead? Today's blog is just a reminder that no matter how it seems, God is in control of it all. It may not appear that way, but He is still in the business of caring for His people. As believers, we must be careful who we turn to in these times; if you have someone in your life that does not refer you back to the light of Christ, it is time to reevaluate that connection. God's love for us is uncompromising; it does not leave us without guidance and direction. We must do our part in seeking His guidance and direction for our lives even when things are unsettling. Whenever you feel something is not right, turn to God or a godly friend for prayer.

Remember, God loves you, and so do I.

I invite you to comment; please share an experience or time when you faced an unsettling moment, and God showed up.

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