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Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Isaiah 66 verse (2)88 “Has not my hand made all these things and so they came into being declares the Lord, these are the ones I look on with favor those who are humble and contrite in spirit and will tremble at my word.” (NIV Version)

We must be careful of what we allow to become our personal truths, how many times have we said I just want more out of life. When we were in the world, we look to the world to fill that void, however the world could not fill it. We became full when we accepted Jesus Christ as our personal savior, Our Father is asking us today to re-dedicate our lives to him by knocking one more time, truly seeking one more time so that he can fill the void. The next time we feel that we want more; call out to Christ and allow him to lead you to Him. Surround yourself with His people and allow Him to take you on a journey filled with opportunities to meet Him so he can fill us up again. More relationships with others won’t do it, drugs, drinking, sex, money, lies, social status or fame won’t do it. We must understand and choose to accept the foundational concepts of our salvation and Christ will do the rest.

As Christians one of the things that is imperative for us to take hold of is, that no matter what we face in this world even if we ourselves have created our circumstances, God is still in control. We must believe that in our truly humble state of acceptance and repentance that God will provide wisdom and peace for all our ignorant places including but not limited to our finances, relationships, and work. We essentially start living our lives without the hypocrisy or lies of our old life. And start living a life of truth because we are children of God and his wisdom, truth and spiritual discernment lives in us.

So, let’s all take a moment and re-dedicate our lives to Lord…….

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