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Challenge Who?

This week’s blog was a challenge for me, as I wondered what I would write about today my mind went blank, and if you know me you know that is almost impossible. As I continued to ponder how shall I encourage others today to continue to seek God? I started to think back on how I encouraged myself when I went through a valley moment. I immediately thought of Jacob in Genesis 32:26 “and He said, let me go, for the day breaks, but he said, I will not let You go unless you bless me! I also thought of the song intentional by (Travis Greene), which led me to recall what I did in that valley moment. I would like to ask you to join me in a thirty (30) days challenge starting tonight or tomorrow. When I was in this valley moment, I was desperate for God I needed answers and I could not hear His voice or even feel His presence. So, I got intentional and out of that place is where the challenge comes from. Over the next thirty days I would like to propose a replacement challenge, intentionally choosing things that with glorify God, and engaging in conversations that will continue to spread the good news of Christ and offer comfort to others. After the thirty days have passed, I would like you to email me and share your experience. I would suggest a scripture verse or two to focus your attention on, and then allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you.

A few of my favorite chapters in the Bible are listed below, I hope you can find a verse or t