Unexpected Joy

I am a homebody; I am at my most comfortable when I am home. As my world is turn upside down and even home is not home anymore? Lately, I have found myself complaining about all the things in life I wish had gone better according to my vantage point. Wondering how I got to this place? I then allow myself to go to the place of complaining, whining, and crying, looking for all the things wrong in my life. Instead of staying in a place of gratitude. I am naturally a very grateful person, I understand that no one must do anything for me, I am so grateful when they do. This is one of the reasons I reflect on my feelings and intentions. I then turn to God for answers and direction. So, what do you think God did, He took the focus from me and put it back on Him, He showed up this week in my life in an unexpected way? He presented me with a picture of pure joy. I was in my office this week; it was a normal week. A friend came to my office, she has been battling cancer for about a year. When she was first diagnosed, she came to my office and several of us prayed for her. She went through her treatments and is now at the point of the final surgical stage, she gains some of her weight back and looks like a glowing testament to the goodness of God. She came to update me on her surgery, however, what struck me as remarkable was how happy she was. And it wasn’t just happiness she was full of joy and it was evident. We joined in prayer and in the middle of the prayer someone knocked on the door, and I asked them to join us and we touched and agreed in prayer. The Holy Spirit entered and took over. Once the prayer was over, I just couldn’t get over how amazing she looked sitting there, what a stark difference from a year ago. She got her fight back simply because God showed up. His presence reassured her that He is still in the business of healing. Her words to me were, I am at peace because God has brought me this far. At this point, my focus shifted from complaining to smiling. I had just experienced the goodness of God firsthand. My energy level surged, and the joy of the Lord took over. I am so grateful that He loves me enough to step into my pity party to show me who He is. He not only showed up, but he allowed me to join him, in His work by leading the prayer for my friend. That was His grace in action, He didn’t allow my feelings to get in the way of His plan that day, Thank you, God. The circumstances around me didn’t change but, my outlook did. I am overjoyed that God allowed me to see, that joy is possible regardless of the outside circumstances. This week I understood the words in James 1:2-4 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sister, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

To my friends thank you for sharing that moment with me.

Betty thank you for the hospitality you have shown to my son and me.

God thank you for allowing me to see the love in action; joy doesn’t always show up in the places we expect. Thank you for Grace. Amen

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