God Loves You Right Where You Are..

Taking a step back, I ponder over the years that I chose to do life my way. I believe I found it so hard to follow Christ because I was stuck in the place of (I). After all, it was my life and who would know better than I how to live it. From that vantage point, I set out to be the master of my life with one key disadvantage; I was not my creator. There were things about life that I could not possibly know or understand. As I continue to live, I have found that life has a way of showing us who it is, and it will show unexpected and unplanned challenges. The years that I played church out of tradition or a sense of moral superiority as a regular church attender, of course, I know who God is. Yet I still found myself fumbling around trying to find my way.

Oh, but because of God and His amazing grace. I can now join and agree with Paul as he states in Philippians 3:14, “I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” Paul reminds us in the third chapter of Philippians that we must safeguard our faith (VS1) and to be aware of others that put their own version of what being saved looks like (VS2). The truth is, I believe that God celebrates and takes great pride in our unique differences and the various ways we journey to Christ. We serve a God that can talk through a burning bush to Moses in Exodus 3, or through a donkey in Numbers 22:28. Absolutely, there is only one God and only one way to God, that is Jesus; however, our individual journeys will vary. I also believe that it is intentional because God wants us to celebrate our differences and reach out to our brothers and sisters from all walks of life.

Imagine if we took the time to listen to each other’s salvation stories, walk away encouraged and armed with additional tools to safeguard our faith. I still get it wrong from time to time, we all will. The difference is, we now know enough to keep pressing on instead of remaining stagnated. I now know enough to call on Jesus or call on another brother or sister for prayer, help, and guidance. I have matured enough to understand that we were never to walk the road of life alone or to feel lonely. I am so inspired by God and the beautiful friends and family relationships I have forged along the way. They help me to keep moving forward despite the hardship and challenges of life. I am so inspired by the one and only living God I have chosen to serve. As I continue to press on, I am led to (VS’s 15-16) “Let all who are spiritually mature agree on these things. If you disagree on some point, I believe God will make it plain for you. But we must hold on to the progress we have already made.” God is fully aware of where you are, and He is loving you right there. What if I told you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be? Your journey in life and all the paths you took did not surprise God. I challenge you to allow God to show up and blow your mind. What if your life’s journey had to culminate to lead you to this place so that God’s plan can be executed? Remember we serve a God that is a planner, He already knew what roads you would take. Please do not carry the unnecessary burden of regret. He can make this part of your journey the best part of your life regardless of age, education level, financial circumstances, or social position. He can and will use your life for His glory. Here is all you must do to be willing to continue to safeguard your faith and believe not only in God but also in yourself. As you continue to walk with Christ, you will see that one of His most excellent gifs to you is that he will introduce you to you He created you to be. Safeguard your faith, repent, trust God, and watch Him work it out.

Love you all, thank you for continuing to read and share. I pray and ask God to allow these blogs to be a blessing to you and your families. Amen

Please read Philippians Chapter 3

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