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Dear King Happ Father's Day

Dear King,

When we first met, I did not understand your hurt or pain; your anger at times left me bewildered and questioning if this was something I could take a chance on. I prayed and asked God to show me your heart, and He did. I saw your pain through your eyes,

I saw the way that you got up every day to deal with a world that rejected you and expected you to bend and bow to it to earn a living.

I saw that you had to fight to stay alive to make it home to see your loved ones.

I saw how you had to contain regular human emotions to appear civilized to others,

I saw how you had to put up with levels of disrespect to earn a living

I saw how you got up in the middle of the night and took care of the kids to let me sleep.

I saw how your thoughts of surviving for your family permeated your thoughts.

I saw how you struggled with what you learned about being a man and trying to reconcile your feelings to show me, love, without appearing weak or less than a man.

I saw the way you love your children, hope, and dream for a better world for them.

I saw how you sacrificed for your family and struggled to maintain your identity.

I saw the many masks and different faces you wear and many variations of you that you juggle to survive.

I saw your heart, and let me say that I am here to stand by your side for the good and the bad. I am hereby your side not only to help you manage every day but ensure that when you come home to me that you feel respected, appreciated, loved wanted, and needed; by your family and me for all that you endure every day. I understand that I have the power to help build you up or tear you down as the outside world does, I choose to build you up, my King, I choose to build you up. I love you, and I see your heart in all that you do, I pray and thank God for you every day.

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