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L.I.T exists to uplift, inspire, and encourage women to walk into their next level of life with confidence, courage, and intentionality!

Meet Our Founder

Hello Sister-Friend! My name is Denese Dore, and I am a Professional Christian Development Consultant, and my goal with L.I.T. is to create and provide a safe, welcoming, and of course- an inspiring spiritual place for God-loving women!

When I started L.I.T., I found myself searching for sisterhood, friendship, and understanding. I was in a place of processing the loss of my marriage and grieving the loss of my best friend, who was more like a sister to me. I felt so confused, lonely and lost the pain I was experiencing was unimaginable. I knew that I could not  remain in a place of sadness and gloom. I needed to heal but how. I began to draw on my faith and seek God for guidance and healing. At this point  I came to the end of me, and I was in a space where I needed God!


How We Can Help You  
Once I was able to accept the guidance and healing from The Holy Spirit, I was  awaken, I set out on a path to help other women, that's when I started L.I.T and the FABRIC Connection. The FABRIC Connection is a learning experience where we will walk through a series of modules  to examine ideologies and take the necessary steps towards healing from trauma and pain.

 Join the Intentional Connection Journey with FABRIC

The FABRIC Connection Modules

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